Waste Management

Pro-Tec deal with Waste Management services on behalf of our Commercial clients, giving them peace  of  mind  that  they  are  getting  a  fair  price,  good  service  and  are  not  tied  into  to  unfair  contract terms. Due to our buying power with Waste Management providers we are not only able to negotiate good rates for our clients but we also make sure contract terms fit with our own, meaning if or when a client needs to cancel services at a site, they can do so with as little fuss as possible, and we will deal with it.

Bulk Uplift

Pro-Tec  can  organise  bulk  uplift  in  void  premises  or  fly  tipping,  often  responding  quickly.  We  will attend  site,  call  with  a  quote,  and  if  actioned  can  immediately  remove  waste.  All  materials  are  recycled where possible.


Washroom Services

Most Commercial properties will require washroom services to some degree, such as sanitary bins, air fresheners, vending machines etc. Pro-Tec has a dedicated supplier who can offer all washroom services,  and  as  with  Waste  Management  we  ensure  contract  terms  are  suited  to  our  client,  not the provider. Washroom providers such as Initial, PHS & Cannon have a reputation for only allowing 3 year rolling contracts often meaning when their customers do try to cancel they have forgotten their  terms,  and  are  tied  in  for  a  long  period  of  time.  By  buying  through  Pro-Tec,  clients  can  rest  assured they do not need to worry about this and can go about their day to day business.


Consumable Products

Pro-Tec  provide  all  consumable  products  needed  for  general  use  such  as  bin  bags,  soap,  toilet  tissue, hand towels etc. We have been able to make considerable savings for our clients by carrying out a complete overview of their requirements, and advising where changes can be made to better systems or products. We are happy to provide an initial survey and can often offer new dispenser.


Grounds Maintenance

Pro-Tec can send a mobile team to carry out general Grounds Maintenance services such as grass cutting, weeding, hedge trimming, litter picking, spraying weed killer & tidying leaves and debris. This service can be ad-hoc or as part of a regular maintenance program.


Pest Control

Pro-Tec work in partnership with a dedicated Pest Control provider, offering full services for all needs of Commercial properties. This can be ad-hoc, such as removal of a dead bird, or part of an ongoing maintenance program for control measures