Static Guarding

Pro-Tec provide highly trained security officers for construction, civil engineering & demolition sites across the UK. We hold national framework agreements with some of our blue-chip construction clients, meaning we are their sole supplier for all sites they have.

While CCTV cameras may be the more economical choice, some sites are geographically too large or too short term for this to be a realistic option. All of our officers are given additional in-house training for the specific site they guard and based on the assignment instructions our management will put in place following a full site survey.

Our staff remain in regular communication with our control room making contact minimum every hour. When required we use a dyster system to log guard patrols and can provide full reporting to site management. For some of larger civil engineering sites we provide 4×4 vehicles to patrol all areas that may have remote vulnerable locations.

All staff will have, as part of their assignment instructions,details for local police, ambulance & fire brigade to contact in the event of an emergency. Regardless of whether our officers work in Retail, Door Stewarding, or Construction, all Pro-Tec Security staff are given additional in-house Threat of Violence Training. This goes beyond that given during licence training and means we only deploy individuals who we are confident can deal with a potentially violent situation.

All Pro-Tec Security officers are fully aware for the need to arrive early to site to receive any special instructions, or discuss any areas of risk with site management.