Construction Industry Remotely Monitored CCTV and Alarmed Systems

Pro-Tec provide and install Intruder Alarms for commercial premises. As with our CCTV systems these can be purchased outright, rented or leased with option to purchase at end of term. These systems also come fully monitored by an ARC, and our engineers will ensure everything is fully operational and working correctly before handover.

Below are some key advantages to using CCTV Remote Monitoring instead of a physical Security presence:

  • Considerable cost savings (from as little as 25% of guarding)
  • Fixed weekly rate that won’t change
  • LIVE Viewing & Monitoring
  • Recording of images for crime prevention
  • No Lone Worker or Health & Safety risk out-with normal working hours
  • Deal with one contractor for any site regardless of geographical location
  • No lighting required through night as cameras view in infa-red

Typically, we will supply our own equipment, which we install, configure to transmit live footage back to the BS5979 Category 2 ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre), and then monitor remotely for the duration of site. If an intruder enters the site they are detected via motion sensors, the duty controller will view live cameras on site and give an audio warning over our PA system. Then typically the Police and / or a Response Unit may be called to attend if necessary. If a camera breaks down, or becomes faulty we replace at our own cost, therefore meaning you know from the outset your budget for Security is fixed to a single weekly cost.

To quote, all we need is a PDF site plan and we use our software design program to plan for camera type, lens, and position on site. We can also show on the plan drawing where PIR sensors will be placed and PA system to challenge intruders.

In an industry where technology advances all the time it can be confusing for construction companies to know which system is best for each site, and each system can have pros and cons. To try and make life easier we have developed 3 main options which cover the needs of most construction sites.


Option 1: Fixed Static System

Hard wired static systems are the most effective and reliable method of CCTV remote monitoring. The system relies on power supply on site, whether that is by mains or generator, and either a broadband connection, or 3G transmission.

With static fixed system’s we use dual sim technology which allows use of two mobile networks giving double peace of mind in the event a 3G network is lost for whatever reason.

We will run cables from cameras and speakers to the main point for DVR, router & power supply, which is usually within a site cabin. Standard footage is recording 24/7 and in addition incidents or activations are recorded off site.

This system is most reliable simply because it is hard wire connected, meaning no interference unless the system is damaged


  • Best Security coverage & protection of site
  • Dual sim technology means if signal is lost connection should remain
  • Ideal for longer term sites
  • Less cost than Option 2


  • Usually requires few days to install
  • Requires power on site, either from mains or generator

Option 1: Fixed Static System

The Cyber Eye Tower Cam is powered by site generators as they run through the normal working day Monday – Friday, charging up an internal battery pack which the system will run from out-with normal site hours. These systems generally transmit via 3G / 4G like Option 1.

The system can be moved around site as and when may be required depending on project stage. We can program the camera so that when motion sensors activate it will follow an intruder while they continue to move around site. All equipment is securely stored within the base of the unit. Unlike other wireless systems on the market the Cyber Eye Tower Cam allows for LIVE monitoring and viewing on site.

  • No need for mains power
  • Easily & quickly deployed
  • Ideal for shorter term sites
  • Doesn’t offer best Security coverage of site & perimeter
  • Generally more expensive than Option’s 1 & 3

Option 3: Cyber Eye RSI System

The Cyber Eye RSI System is totally self-powered requiring no battery charge on site whatsoever. Unlike Option 1 & 2 however it does not offer live viewing and instead sends a short 10 second video clip of an intruder via GPRS to our ARC.

An alarm siren is sounded when the system is activated rather than a controller voicing through the PA System.

Unlike Option 1 & 2 where the client lets us know their operational hours, this system is manually armed and disarmed by site staff and cannot be altered remotely.

This system works in the same way as PID Armadillo & other entry level alarm systems.

  • No power required whatsoever
  • Easily & quickly installed and moved
  • Ideal for shorter term sites or remote locations with no 3G coverage
  • Ideal for scaffolding
  • Starting price packages lower than option’s 1&2
  • PIR range only 10-12 meters instead of 35 meters
  • No Live viewing facility
  • No voice over PA System
  • Lower quality images
  • No recording facility on site
  • Cannot be armed / disarmed remotely (must be carried out by staff on-site)
  • This is the basic entry level system

Scaffolding / Site & Fire Alarms

Scaffolding can have obvious Security risks, as it allows for potential thieves to climb to vulnerable points of entry. Most insurers now insist all reasonable precautions are taken to reduce loss or damage when erecting scaffolding.

Pro-Tec can offer mains and battery powered Scaffold alarms to deter would be intruders. Detectors are normally located on the first level of scaffold or at vulnerable points. Once an intruder climbs onto the Scaffold the alarm will sound for a programmed period of time, and police are contacted to attend site.